Welcome at my Site

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Whow ! – Someone found me
in the big internet-jungle.

I'm glad about everyone
visiting my pages in good faith.

My name is Dieter Schupp. Born in the middle of the last century, I now live in the town of Wuppertal.

For 46 years I worked as a government employee for several authorities in the fe­de­ral and the regional public administration. Now I enjoy to be retired.

During my leisure time I work honorary at the Protestant Church and at the YMCA (Young Men's Christian Association), and I'm a (nonprofessional) web site developer as well.

By clicking at the button „Hobbys“ on the top you'll get more information about these three and something else. Sorry, it's in German language. But nevertheless – enjoy!

Schupp is not only my surname but also an old term for the north-american raccoon (procyon lotor). Therefore I use it's picture to illustrate my website.